SYS Fields

Click on a Field name below to view detailed information about that Field. Field status may change at any time during the day. To get the current status of any field, please check this page frequently.

Field Status Updated Comment
Sutton Elementary School Field Closed 2016/04/06 - 12:37pm
Sutton High School Field Closed 2016/09/07 - 6:12pm
Memorial Field 1 Open 2016/05/14 - 6:30am
Memorial Field 2 Open 2016/05/14 - 6:30am
Memorial Field 3 Open 2016/05/14 - 6:30am
Hough Road Field Open 2016/05/14 - 6:31am
St. Mark's Church Field Open 2016/05/14 - 6:32am
Congregational Church Open 2016/05/14 - 6:32am