Coach Education Courses

Coach Education Courses (Sutton Youth Soccer will pay for certain course fees with proof of completion and passing. Please contact Mike Elster at for approval.)

The foundation of all Mass Youth Soccer Coaching Education programs and courses is our G License Course. While the "G" is designed to guide Coaches of players 6 to 8 years of age, it also introduces Coaches to principles and methodologies that with prove invaluable in coaching youth soccer players at all ages and levels of competition. We believe your players deserve the best coaching they can receive and it all begins with the "G"....

The G is a beginning course for is not just a course for beginning coaches. Every coach will benefit from The G. The content covered by The G ....
• Coaching organization and theory
• How to become a resourceful and creative "Activity Leader". How to shape your kids' soccer environment.
• Ideas and suggestions about organizing practices and game days
• Practical activities and stimulating games for practices
• Teaching and correcting dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques
• Ideas on parent education and learning theory
• Characteristics of U6 and U8 players age appropriate coaching methodology

All Coaches MUST complete the G License Course before taking any other license course.

Candidates must be 14 years of age or older.

Mass Youth Soccer offers 2 different formats in which to take The G.

Mass Youth operates a number of G License Course throughout the year at various sites across the state. The G LIVE ! is a 4 HOUR course conducted by one of our full-time State Coaches or a member of our Instructional Staff under the direction of Ian Mulliner, Mass Youth Soccer's Technical Director. The G LIVE ! brings coaches together to learn in both a classroom and a field environment. The ability to interact with the Mass Youth Coaches as well as other coaches taking the G LIVE ! is an invaluable experience. The course is a dynamic opportunity for coaches to learn from each other and share ideas and experiences.

Come ready to learn and play. Bring your notebook and pen, bring some water and come dressed to PLAY!

To register for a G Live ! Course click on the link below;

In understanding the busy life-style we all lead today, Mass Youth Soccer developed the G ON LINE! It is the first and most in-depth and innovative on-line coaching course offered in the country! While coaches forfeit the benefit of interacting with other coaches, the G ON LINE! is just as comprehensive and exciting as the G LIVE! Imagine learning and improving as a coach without leaving the comfort of your own home! The course manual can be downloaded at course enrollment and your course diploma will be available to you online once the course is completed.

To take the G ON LINE! at your home or office click on the link below;

The G License Course costs just $35.00 per candidate.